Sponsored Projects Accounting

About Us

The Sponsored Projects Accounting office manages the financial post-award activities of the University's externally funded grants and contracts. 

Sponsored Projects Accounting ensures compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws, University Policies and Procedures, as well as, those of the sponsoring organization by:

·         Reviewing and approving all financial transactions on sponsored projects.

·         Approving all new and incremental funding for sponsored projects and setting them up in the University's financial systems.

·         Providing billing, collections, and financial reporting services for all sponsored projects.

·         Serving as liaison to auditors examining the University's sponsored projects.

·         Providing advice and support to Principal Investigators/Project Directors and Administrative Staff in the financial conduct of their sponsored projects.

·         Conducting the University's Indirect Cost Study at required intervals.

Contact Us

Janet Burton, Director, (972) 338-1071

Email us at UNT-DallasSPA@untdallas.edu

Office: DAL 1 Building, Suite 362

7300 University Hills Blvd., Dallas, TX 75241


For Pre-Award Assistance 

Budget Change Requests, No-Cost Extension Requests (NCE), Additional Funds Requests, Course Buy-Outs, Change in Scope) please contact Office of Sponsored Projects:

  • Colette Taylor, Senior Grants & Contracts Analyst, (972)-780-3609
  • Alicia Brossette, Executive Director (972)-338-1762